Innovative products and processes for fashion

Thanks to a careful analysis of the market and its needs, we could create new products and innovative processes in collaboration with established stylists.

The Transfer paper technology of Menphis SpA for the world of Fashion gives fabrics designs and patterns in an infinite rainbow of colours.

The products used for the production are ecological and guarantee environmentally-friendly solvents and plasticisers.

Each fabric subjected to processing by Menphis SpA is carefully checked and guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Fashion, innovation and a taste for beauty, this is the winning recipe for a group devoted to customer satisfaction.





Frosting / Coating

Frosting is a process for applying resins to fabrics. The process can be the last finishing phase to waterproof fabric or to apply a design with a glossy effect or it can be the basis for the application of “precious” effects such as lamination with metallised films and more.


Couplings and laminations

We carry out laminations and laminations on fabrics. Lamination consists in joining two fabrics together or one fabric and a plastic film or, in the case of laminations, a metallised, satin or orographic sheet.

Accoppiature e laminazioni

Paints and Crack

They are films that give the fabric/leather or faux leather a plasticised or cracked effect applied in the fashion sector on both fabric and leather.

Double print

This is a process that treats the two sides of the material in a single step with prints that can be a plain pattern or background.


Menphis SpA produces films in height up to 2400 cm with a vast catalogue of designs or to specific customer requests.
They are films that show designs made with our UNITRANS transparent, white, black or, upon request, coloured thermoplastic resins.
By transferring to a grille or press, the resins on the film can be transferred to both leathers or fabrics. The design thus transferred appears shiny.
Designs applied to leather can remain as it is or it can be further worked to give it an opaque appearance or to decorate it with designs or solid colours using lacquers or foils that give metallic effects.


Menphis produces lacquers up to 160 cm in height with designs in the catalogue or to customer specifications. They are also available with solid colours, pearlescent according to customer specifications.
Films created to be transferred onto leathers and fabrics after applying thermoplastic films are commonly called “lacquers”.
These latter, initially transferring Unitrans that serves as an anchor, determine which parts of the fabric or leather the lacquer design will be applied. It is thus possible to use a single thermoplastic film to create different effects by combining it with different lacquers. “Total” application is also possible, i.e. covering the entire surface.


We can supply our customers with metallic, satin and holographic foils up to a height of 160 cm in a wide range of colours.
Combined with thermoplastic films, metallic foils allow enhancing the leather with metallic effect designs.
The reflections and lustre are typical of gold, silver or coloured metallic foils, giving uniqueness to the leather thus processed and, consequently, to the finished product.

Printing on fabric and leather with transfer technology

Menphis SpA prints on polyester-based synthetic fabrics and fabrics with natural fibres such as wool, silk and more to meet the needs of a clientele operating in various sectors including: high fashion, indoor and outdoor furniture …

Stampa su tessuto e pelle con tecnologia transfer


We offer our customers the possibility of printing warps in polyester and noble natural fibres such as silk, wool, nylon. The prints can be made with transfer papers produced internally based on designs provided by the customer or with proposals for drawings made by our creative department.

Plastic lamination

We carry out laminations on fabrics up to a height of 160 cm. Lamination is one of the finishes that can be applied to fabrics also to waterproof them. The plasticised fabrics can be subsequently decorated with both design and solid colour lacquers.


Ennobling with special effects

Menphis SpA is the market leader for the creation and application of special effects on fabric and more. Effects such as the reproduction of snake scales or patterns of the most varied fantasies can be applied to the fabric using thermoplastic resin, i.e. the Unitrans. Thanks to the calibration of the resin we have created different effects such as BLOB, BEST and SOFT GLOW.

Nobilitazione con effetti speciali

Transfer on denim

Many different effects can be achieved with transfer printing on denim. Among the possible processes, there are polishing, coating, Unitrans with foils and lacquers: each creates a unique and impactful effect, capable of completely transforming the denim according to the customer’s idea, style and creativity.