A global vision

Menphis is a company constantly projected forward that has been able to develop and spread its know-how through a strong innovative drive in sectors such as fashion, design, architecture.

A global vision that, through research and technology, could reinvent these sectors with particular attention to the environment. Know-how and research are the assets of Menphis SpA, a real philosophy of innovation.

A secret that has been passed on by Gilberto Menin to the new generation and which is now capable of reaching even higher levels.




Being a partner of Menphis SpA means expressing humanity and professionalism in one’s work. Through continuous research that aims at increasingly ambitious goals in respect of values.

Choosing Menphis SpA means choosing the value associated with surfaces through quality know-how that constitutes the backbone of the company.



Exports currently represent 60-70% of the total production. A global vision for an international market through consolidated partnerships, sales agents and distributors who transfer our values around the world.



Teamwork is a fundamental ingredient for the success of a company.
In today’s economy, companies increasingly need the knowledge of professionals with different specialisations who collaborate effectively with each other.

Gilberto Menin’s family is a close-knit team that cares about business development when it is combined with respect for values such as safety, ecology and quality. The generational change has favoured its evolution while keeping the quality intact and the continuous push forward.

Giacomo and Marco Menin are committed to carrying on the corporate passion that allowed Gilberto to invent the Transfer technology business, becoming a world reference point for delicate sectors such as fashion and design.

Giacomo Menin

Giacomo Menin started working with the company in 1992. After the experience gained on the national territory, Giacomo moved to the role of Export Manager. This line of thought meant that the company expanded and, assisted by the subsequent entry into the company of his brother, it was possible to reach a percentage of 70% of exports on turnover.

Marco Menin

Marco Menin, Chemical Engineer, joined the company in 2002 and in the early years of his career in the company took care of the technical aspects with his father. He is now responsible for operations and research and development activities. He is also involved in Asian and Pacific business development.



Textile creativity combined with graphics and the most advanced engineering technology: this is the transversality of skills and the mix of different languages that make Menphis a unique reality in the world.

The Como-based company, founded in 1982 by Gilberto Menin, today supported by his sons Marco and Giacomo, was among the few that did not run out of orders, while many operators in the district were blocked by the recession.

Upstream of these results, an entrepreneurial spirit that made innovation the winning weapon, already making a courageous conversion in the early 90s, when the silk supply chain began to lose ground. The patent that made Menphis a world leader dates back to that period: from a dyed printing company specialising in finishing to a pioneer of revolutionary techniques in the field of printing, with films that allow the most incredible decorative effects to be transferred onto any substrate.

The company’s history is made up of investments and expansions that have improved production capacity over the years and have allowed greater flexibility of work cycles. The investments led to new factories with an area of 30,000 square metres in the same industrial area.

Gilberto Menin

The Menphis Group was born from a precise idea: a family company with a highly innovative character. And the greatest innovations were introduced by Gilberto Menin, founder and CEO of the company, who developed his experience in the field of Carta Transfer, thus expanding its potential.