Fashion processing


Menphis SpA prints on polyester-based synthetic fabrics and fabrics with natural fibres such as wool, silk and more up to a height of 320 cm. We produce papers for sublimation printing with a height of up to 160 cm to meet the needs of customers who work in the most various sectors including: high fashion, indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and more.

Menphis SpA produces acid films with a height of up to 180 cm with traditional and digital printing technology Acid films are used in the leather industry and in fashion on various types of fibres, acid films are applied to the entire surface while maintaining the appearance of natural leathers and fabrics.

The same technology is applicable on non-woven fabrics (TNT) for the creation of banners for sporting events, shows, festivals and events.
To support productivity, we can produce in-house papers, essential for sublimation printing, both with digital technology and with traditional technology (rotogravure). This flexibility allows us to choose the most suitable technology for the required run and timing.
The printed fabrics can then be further ennobled by applying special effects.