Fashion processing

Ennobling with special effects

Soft glow

It is the same processing as Blob, its characteristic is soft to the touch almost velvety.
The fabric can be further ennobled by applying foil. These effects can be used to give the shiny effect according to the design used or they can act as a basis for subsequent processes such as the application of metal foils or lacquers with mono-coloured designs or bases.
The finished fabric maintains great workability and becomes a base for both the production of clothing and accessories such as shoes, bags and more.


A small quantity of patterned resin, resin-coated on the fabric that can be embellished with various special effects such as foils, its characteristic is to leave the “hand” of the fabric unchanged.

Menphis SpA is the market leader for the creation and application of special effects on fabric and more.
Effects such as the reproduction of snake scales, or patterns of the most varied fantasies, can be applied to the fabric using thermoplastic resin, or Unitrans. Thanks to the calibration of the resin we have created different effects such as BLOB, BEST and SOFT GLOW.


A greater quantity of Unitrans creates these visual effects and above all a special feel. It comes with various chromatic effects.
This processing is also used on wallpaper.


It is the same processing as Blob, its characteristic is presented only with a silver metallic effect.