Wood Effects

Technology and creativity
for a high level optical and tactile effect

Special coatings

High standard performance

Quality and performance are key to Menphis, which is why we have partnered with Australia’s leading powder coating specialists to create a unique powder that ensures our products last longer.


This special coating by Menphis is the ideal finish for high traffic areas. We have performed rigorous testing to create a product with performance and robustness that can withstand harsh environments. The fine texture finish and advanced powder coating technology create the maximum resistance to scratches, scuffs and abrasions.

Wood Colours

Our wood grain colour range is scanned and reproduced from hand-picked natural woods.

Powder Colours

Directly inspired by the beauty of nature, Menphis offers a rich palette of colours designed to create the perfect colour scheme.

Powders and Films

The use of powders and films for the finishes allows for absolute freedom: from a realistic natural effect to a design of pure luxury.

The Wood world combines the beauty of wood and the eco-sustainability of aluminium.
Menphis SpA, which has always been committed to researching the winning combination between technological evolution and creativity, has managed to obtain a higher resolution for 3D drawing and has further improved the optical effect of the drawing, reaching a notably high photographic level for all wood effects.
Furthermore, responding to the demand of the furniture and architecture market, it has developed a product that not only please aesthetically with its decoration but also involves touch.

Easy Cleaning

Menphis provides a low maintenance product that will stand the test of time. The unique powder-coated finish allows for simple and easy removal of most forms of signs, dirt and graffiti.


To ensure maximum safety and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls, Menphis has created an exclusive anti-slip formula that can be applied to your decking system.*
According to standard 4586-2013, our non-slip finish is rated P4/D1.

*available in our yellow and dark beige base wood grain colours.