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Menphis is a company with a consistent forward focus, and it has developed and circulated its expertise with robust, innovative dedication in sectors such as fashion, design, and architecture.

Menphis S.p.A.

The Paper Transfer business has become a point of reference in the sectors of fashion, design, and architecture.

Gilberto Menin's family is a close-knit team that focuses on developing business when it harmonizes with respect for values like safety, the environment, and quality. The succession of generations has proved a boon to its evolution, maintaining quality intact along with a continuous push forward. Giacomo and Marco Menin endeavor to carry on the company's passion, a passion that allowed Gilberto to invent the Transfer technology business and become a global standard for refined sectors like fashion and design.

Areas of application

The versatility of the Transfer technique allows for a surprisingly broad range of decorations, resulting in creative development with extraordinary levels of originality and quality with long-lasting appeal.

Queen Victoria

The decoration of the Court Theatre, the true heart of the ship

Menphis decorated the false ceilings and wall panels for common areas aboard the Queen Victoria, using a fine polka-dot texture in multiple hues for the interiors of the cruise ship, created entirely in Italy.

Nhow Milano Hotel

How to transform aluminum into an architectural element

Menphis has furnished the room doors for the Nhow hotel in Milan with graffiti aluminum panels. The emotional impact of the transfer technique at the service of design. The transfer technique comes to the hotel industry with Menphis.

Gilberto Menin

The Menphis Group was founded around a specific concept: a family company with a fiercely innovative bent. Its greatest innovations were introduced by Gilberto Menin, the company's founder and C.E.O., who built up his experience in the field of Transfer Paper, expanding the potential of this technique through his efforts.

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+39 031 566 333

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Cod.Fisc./P.IVA IT 01649960133
Capitale sociale € 3.000.000,00 i.v.
R.E.A. 206614
Reg. imprese di Como n.01649960133

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