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Technological Development & High Level of Printing

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Technological Development & High Level of Printing

Menphis SpA has always been a leading company in the paper technology business, continuing to invest in processing quality improvements with the main aim to guarantee even higher performance without raising prices.

Gilberto Menin, founder of Menphis Spa and pioneer of the innovative corporate philosophy that led the company to success, has always managed the R & D Department with a continuous push forward, supported by a close-knit team of professionals. Menphis SpA, thanks to its guidelines, has been able to invest on Transfer Technology business realizing a unique engraving printing.

The achieved effect highlights details that create a revolutionary and unique 3D effect in the digital printing sector. The company guarantees the highest quality of the engraving printing and provides to its customers a high expertise that can be employed proposing new creative and exclusive ideas.

Menphis Spa is able to reproduce images on any natural fiber such as leather and synthetic leather thanks to a new technology that doesn’t print but transfers the effect on different materials.

Another step forward for the corporate philosophy that guides the R & D Team, from which derives all the inventions proposed by the Transfer Technology business.

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