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A family company with a fiercely innovative bent

Gilberto Menin


The Menphis Group was founded around a specific concept: a family company with a fiercely innovative bent.

Its greatest innovations were introduced by Gilberto Menin, the company’s founder and C.E.O., who built up his experience in the field of Transfer Paper, expanding the potential of this technique through his efforts.

Giacomo Menin


Giacomo Menin began working with the company in 1992.

After the experience he accrued across the country, Giacomo moved to the position of Export Manager.

This line of thinking led to the expansion of the company, and bolstered by his brother’s subsequent arrival at the company, he successfully increased exports to 70% of revenue.

Marco Menin


Marco Menin, a chemical engineer, joined the company in 2002.

He spent the early years of his career with the company focusing on technical aspects with his father.

He is now responsible for operations as well as research and development work. He also works in business development for Asia and Pacific.