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Menphis SpA @ Lineapelle: a positive experience to be repeated

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Menphis SpA @ Lineapelle: a positive experience to be repeated

LINEAPELLE, the most important international exhibition dedicated to leather, accessories, components, synthetics and garments, is just over.

An important experience for Menphis SpA that has achieved very satisfying results according to the commercial division, with many appreciations from the customers.

After a few years of being away, the excellence and the cutting-edge of the Transfer Technology patented by Menphis SpA are back to be integral part of Lineapelle. Exhibition that, bringing together 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world, is considered the first source of inspiration concerning innovation, style and quality for all industry professionals.

Menphis SpA has joined this exposition with the dual aim of broadening awareness of its business plan and communicate its vision of the future, closely linked to innovation and exclusivity, two prerogatives shared with Directa Plus, one of the largest producers and suppliers worldwide of graphene-based products, with which it has recently signed a partnership agreement.

Directa Plus was alongside Menphis SpA in this 3-day trade fair and in this occasion they have chosen to present for the first time the new Blob Carbon G+ technology, the result of a joint research conducted by the two companies. The Graphene Plus made by Directa Plus, inserted inside the compound produced and applied by the Menphis Blob technology allows realizing unique products.

The Blob Carbon G+ technology gives a magnificent look to natural and synthetic leathers and fabrics with a special brilliance that is impossible to get with other pigments and conventional printing processes; decorations also become three dimensional and with a great definition; Finally, the treatment with Blob Carbon G+ increases the duration of leather and fabrics through an improved abrasion resistance.

A project designed to revolutionize the industry’s standards that has aroused particular interest among the Lineapelle visitors.

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