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Changing innovation beyond imagination

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Changing innovation beyond imagination

Menphis Spa is not only a technologically advanced company, able to starting from scratch and create the Transfer Paper business, but it is also a creative company able in offering to the market unique surfaces, of high-impact and with an economic potential of great interest.

The scratch for example is an application that gives free rein to the imagination applied to the surfaces of bags, clothes, windows and doors. Textures without borders for an even more varied and demanding market. The manufacturing companies find in Menphis Spa a serious, prepared, creative and technologically advanced partner. A range of opportunities that allow to win the heart of the consumer through a potential of endless choices.

We show you what we can get from a neutral metallic surface. The effect is achieved by a combination of textures that are poured into a film owned by Menphis.

The result is a revisitation of the Copacabana promenade. A creative revolution that can be applied to various products. And so the relationship between technology and creativity continues to take various forms able to meet most markets where fantasy potential and guaranteed certainty of applicability are crucial.

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