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Dare valore alla superficie

A reference point for partners

Innovative character

Cutting-edge technology

Constant research and development


The Paper Transfer business has become a point of reference in the sectors of fashion, design, and architecture.

Menphis is a company with a consistent forward focus, and it has developed and circulated its expertise with robust, innovative dedication in sectors such as fashion, design, and architecture.

Gilberto Menin’s family is a close-knit team that focuses on developing business when it harmonizes with respect for values like safety, the environment, and quality. The succession of generations has proved a boon to its evolution, maintaining quality intact along with a continuous push forward. Giacomo and Marco Menin endeavor to carry on the company’s passion, a passion that allowed Gilberto to invent the Transfer technology business and become a global standard for refined sectors like fashion and design.


Areas of application


Menphis S.p.A.’s Paper Transfer technology for the world of fashion enhances fabrics with designs and colors in an infinite color palette.                                                                                      



Interior Design

A continuously growing trend revives and celebrates interior design for homes, hotels, and prestigious buildings.                  




Wood Effect

The broadest range of wood vein with eco-friendly applications on aluminum. A cutting-edge technology that can faithfully reproduce natural wood of every type.                    




Everyday experience propels us to create internal solutions that can satisfy special application requirements by developing innovative technologies that are without equal on the market.    




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