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A prosperous business around the world

Its areas of activity are Fashion, Wood Effects, Architectural & Interior Design and Engineering.
Menphis S.p.A. reinvented fashion through a new inventiveness with infinite possibilities. Synthetic leather and new applications launched the business to the forefront of style and new trends.
The world of Wood combines the beauty of wood with the environmentally friendly properties of aluminum. Consistent research was poured into the perfect grain, with more than 100 different types of wood.
Menphis S.p.A. placed its next bet on interior design, a sector in which research and development are making great strides and which will soon enhance the prestige of furnishings around the world.
In terms of expertise, Menphis S.p.A. exports the breakthroughs of its Research and Development Center.
It is an inventive machine that has transformed Transfer technology into a business with a prosperous future around the world.




Interior Design

Wood Effect