Summit Blob: an innovative drive in the fields of fashion, design and architecture

Between technology and creativity, Menphis Spa is a worldwide leader in the Paper Transfer business. The company is witnessing a continuous growth with a robust and innovative dedication in sectors such as fashion, furniture, textiles.

Going deep into its productions, we can discover a world of creativity, originality and ideas at the service of the most delicate surfaces such as leather, aluminum and fabrics.

A wide choice of textures obtained by mixing a unique creativity reversed in a Film, which is responsible for the transfer on the surface through the Transfer Technology.

Menphis Spa is an exclusive company that asks the same exclusivity to its clients. A winning formula that has brought great brands to get their point across successes.

Here you are some examples of application as the Summit Blob, exclusive process that invokes a natural and true-to-life world in a 3D vision of color and matter. The result is definitely a unique product, able to transfer the same emotions that nature can give.

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