Menphis SPA on the top of the 3D Evolution

Menphis SPA, always committed to look for the winning combination between technological development and creativity, is at the center of a particular market demand starring the 3D effect and its potentialities.

The company has been able to obtain a higher resolution for the 3D design and has further improved the visual effect of it. In short, it has been able to achieve a very high photographic level for all the wood effects, increasing therefore the resolution, the optical effect and the quality of the images.

But, where is the market headed?

It is looking for a combination between the optical effect and the tactile one. A global and worldwide revolution that will give a higher innovative and stylistic boost to sectors such as furniture and fashion. The main companies therefore require increasingly sophisticated effects and details and at the same time, the architecture needs to experience new horizons and requires more and more advanced technology for products and ideas.

This is the reason why Menphis SPA is working on the development of a product that doesn’t stop to the visual decoration but tries to involve the touch.

Thanks to special dusts, which are still in the testing phase, the company will strengthen its expertise through the study of the tactile effect on the surface on which will be applied the 3D design.

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