MENPHIS SPA – An even more implemented website with a new Product Section

At the same pace with the marketing and communication departments’ development, Menphis SpA has decided to engine a showcase website, as its own online business card, to transmit the main principles and the philosophy always supported by the Menin family.

The company feels right now the need to commit itself in the website to transform it in a useful tool for work. This is the reason why it has decided to upload a new section dedicated to products that shows some of its creative textures. The Product Section presents for the moment some items belonging to the Wood and Fashion sectors.

Concerning to the next step, in spite of the Marketing Department has always paid attention to show its novelties, there is the realization of a reserved area where information and ideas will be shared freely between the professionals involved. The company knows that the challenges led by the 4.0 Industry can’t no longer be ignored, then it has decided to take on them with this sharing path.

Speaking of this, we’d like to point out that Menphis SpA is already one of the main proponent of the 4.0 changes thanks to the recent partnership with Directa Plus and the graphene revolution that they are managing together.

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